Emotional (Eating) Toolkit

When you feel unpleasant emotions, it’s easy to turn to unhelpful methods of coping. Building an emotional toolkit can help you manage tough emotions by providing you with healing and tangible ways of self-soothing. Crowding out, creating distance, creating a to-don’t list, shifting your internal judgments, and reaching out to your support system are some tools that might help. Take some time to build up your toolkit, knowing that you can continue to add tools as you discover more.

Food Diary 2.0

Embark on a journey to recovery with our unique ‘Food Diary 2.0’. It’s more than a meal tracker, focusing on energizing aspects of your life. The diary includes a ‘Wheel of Life’ exercise to identify areas needing attention, reducing food-related stress. Engage in reflective discussions with your accountability buddy, using thought-provoking questions. This method, used successfully by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition for over 30 years, promotes significant growth when consistently applied.  Start today and witness the change.